Sentence Rearrangement - The Cold War

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Sentence Rearrangement - The Cold War

    A. The Cold War was underpinned by an understanding which allowed the US to maintain hegemony over the capitalist world and which gave the Soviet Union a regional sphere of influence in Eastern Europe.

    B. The bloody upheavals and wars occurred not in Europe, America or Russia, but in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and were either directly or indirectly a response to the experience of Western colonialism.

    C. Despite the aggressive rhetoric of this era, the Cold War was a period of relative peace between hostile geopolitical blocs.

    D. In retrospect, what was remarkable about the Cold War was the ability of most of the major players to manage their conflict.

    1. ADCB
    2. DBCA
    3. CBDA
    4. BADC


  • Correct Answer
    Choice A. ADCB

Detailed Solution

We can directly rule out option D as sentence B does not provide a good start to the paragraph. It starts with “the bloody upheavals and wars”, suggesting that a reference to wars or conflict has been made earlier in the paragraph

Also note that sentence C mentions “this era”, so it is unlikely to be the starting sentence of the paragraph, so we can rule out option 3.

Sentence D talks about how the extraordinary management of conflicts makes the cold war remarkable.Sentence C continues the same thought, that despite the rhetoric of this era, it was marked by “relative peace”. So C follows D.

It is clear that sentence B substantiates the point regarding peace, by talking of how the bloody conflicts at the time of the Cold War were in other parts of the world, and due to Western colonialism rather than the cold war. So B follows C.

Sentence A talks of “an understanding” that underpinned the Cold War allowing America and Russia to maintain their influence over their respective worlds. Clearly, it is this premise of the Cold war which gave the players the ability to manage conflict. Sentence A leads to D.

So the correct order of arrangement is ADCB

Correct Answer: ADCB

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