Sentence Rearrangement - Parasaurolophus

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Sentence Rearrangement - Parasaurolophus

    A. Interestingly, most creatures, including humans, vocalise using softer organs and membranes that tend to decompose instead of entering into the fossil record.

    B. The family of duck-billed dinosaurs known as Parasaurolophus had been at the centre of the paleo-acoustic conversation.

    C. They are herbivorous creatures named for the shape of their mouths, but better known for the large, bony crests arching over the back of their heads like a single blunted horn.

    D. Parasaurolophus is a rarity in this regard, as no other animal has been known to dedicate so much hard, fossil-friendly tissue to making noise.

    1. ABCD
    2. ADBC
    3. BCAD
    4. BCDA


  • Correct Answer
    Choice C. BCAD

Detailed Solution

There are only two possibilities for the first sentence of the paragraph—A and B. Of these, we see that sentence A relates to how most creatures vocalize, while B introduces “duck-billed dinosaurs known as Parasaurolophus”. As both C and D are about Parasaurolophus, and not about vocalization techniques, B is likely to be the first sentence of the paragraph.

The link between sentences B and C is clear. B introduces the Parasaurolophus family, while C describes these creatures and explains why they are so named. C follows B.

Sentence D declares Parasaurolophus to be a rarity “in this regard”, explaining that no other animal has been known to use so much hard, fossil-friendly tissue to vocalize. It is clear D follows C. But if D is placed immediately after C, it does not make sense to complete the paragraph with sentence A, which, unlike the other three sentences, is a general statement about how creatures vocalize. Instead, consider the sentence order AD. What is the ‘rarity’ being referred to in D? The ability to make noise with hard, fossil friendly tissue. The sequence AD – what is commonly observed vs the case of the Parasaurolophus – is better than DA in terms of the flow of ideas in the paragraph.

So, the correct order is BCAD.

Correct Answer: BCAD

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