Sentence Rearrangement - Farming and Fixed Settlements

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Sentence Rearrangement - Farming and Fixed Settlements

    A. As people turned to farming, they began to live in fixed settlements, which became small towns.

    B. Their labors bore fruit; surplus food freed some of the population from farming.

    C. In about 5000 BC, farmers moved down into the fertile river valleys of Mesopotamia, and built dykes and ditches to irrigate the arid land.

    D. The cultivation of plants, such as wheat and barley, and the domestication of animals, such as sheep, goats and cattle, began in the Near East in about 8500 BC.

    1. DACB
    2. CDAB
    3. ACBD
    4. CBAD


  • Correct Answer
    Choice A. DACB

Detailed Solution

By timeline, 8500 BC was before 5000 BC. So sentence C is likely to feature after sentence D in the paragraph.

Sentence D talks of cultivation of plants and domestication of animals that began in the Near East around 8500 BC. Sentence A carries this idea forward, explaining how fixed settlements and small towns came into being after people turned to farming.

Sentence B starts off with “their labors”. Who does “their” refer to? Sentence C, which talks of farmers who moved down to the river valleys of Mesopotamia and their efforts to build dykes and ditches, has the answer. So B follows C.

DACB makes a cogent paragraph.

Correct Answer: DACB

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