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Revenues and Profits of Different Divisions.

Total revenues are Rs. 1800 crores. Overall profit margin is 10%. The division with the largest revenue has the least profit margin but not the least profits. The division with the profit margin higher than all others generates the least profit. Exactly one division has the same profit margin as the overall Company. Company D generates more profits than Company E.

  1. How much profit did Company A make?

    1. Rs. 50 Crores
    2. Rs. 25 Crores
    3. Rs. 30 Crores
    4. Rs. 60 Crores
  2. What was the profit margin for company B?

    1. 12.33%
    2. 8.33%
    3. 11.11%
    4. 12.5%
  3. How much profit did company E make?

    1. Rs. 40 Crores
    2. Rs. 35 Crores
    3. Rs. 50 Crores
    4. Rs. 60 Crores
  4. Which company saw a profit margin of 13.33%? * (Non-multiple choice based question)

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