Sentence Rearrangement - Darwin and the Galapagos Islands

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Sentence Rearrangement - Darwin and the Galapagos Islands

    A. What Darwin discovered on the Galapagos Isles was not the idea that species evolved, or even a possible model for how that evolution might have taken place.

    B. His ability to see this fact, and exploit it so brilliantly, is why we remember Charles Darwin today.

    C. Darwin ultimately owes the near-instant success of his theory to the fact that the islands of the Galapagos made such perfect petri dishes for generating that evidence.

    D. Rather, what he found was a naturally occurring laboratory, one exquisitely shaped to allow the study of speciation and to make his model the first supported by real evidence.

    1. ADCB
    2. CADB
    3. CBAD
    4. ACDB


  • Correct Answer
    Choice A. ADCB

Detailed Solution

There are only two options for the sentence to begin the paragraph with- sentence A and sentence C. Of these, we see that C makes a reference to “that evidence”, without explaining what it is. So we rule out sentence C as the first sentence of the paragraph. So the paragraph starts with sentence A.

Now sentence A declares that Darwin did not discover the idea that species evolved or a model of evolution in the Galapagos islands. So what did he discover there? Sentence D answers this and states that he found a naturally occurring laboratory that helped him study and make a model of evolution, the first supported by real evidence. So D follows A.

We see that sentence C too mentions ‘evidence’. It elaborates the idea in sentence D, describing the islands of the Galapagos as “perfect petri dishes” for generating the evidence Darwin needed. So C follows A.

Sentence A, the last sentence, concludes the paragraph by stating that Darwin’s ability to see “this fact” — the Galapagos as petri dishes generating the evidence to support his model— is the reason why we remember him today.

So the correct sentence order is ADCB.

Correct Answer: ADCB

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