Sentence Rearrangement - Gender Equality

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Sentence Rearrangement - Gender Equality

    A. Elite American colleges are now widely suspected of admitting male applicants with lower grades, to even up the numbers.

    B. At least in the rich world, that wasteful truth has been triumphantly overcome.

    C. Stendhal once wrote that all geniuses who were born women were lost to the public good.

    D. Yet, despite this monumental advance, much ability, both male and female, is wasted because of tenacious stereotypes.

    1. ABDC
    2. ADCB
    3. CBAD
    4. CDBA


  • Correct Answer
    Choice C. CBAD

Detailed Solution

Sentences B and D hold the key to solving this question.

Sentence B says that at least in the rich world “that wasteful truth” has been overcome. What does this refer to?

Sentence A talks of elite American colleges now admitting men with lower grades just to even up the student numbers. Obviously this is not the “wasteful truth”.

Sentence C quotes Stendhal and says that all geniuses born women are lost to public good. This is the “wasteful truth” referred to in sentence B. So B follows C.

Sentence D talks of a “monumental advance”. Again, what does this refer to? The fact that geniuses born women are lost to public good has now been overcome in the rich word. So much so that, elite colleges are now admitting men with lower grades just to even up the numbers. So D follows A.

The correct arrangement of sentences is hence CBAD.

Correct Answer: CBAD

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