Sentence Rearrangement - War and Peace

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Sentence Rearrangement - War and Peace

    A. One of the beauties of Leo Tolstoy’s novel 'War and Peace' is that it does not end when the war ends.

    B. It ends instead when the hero gets married, and settles down to a life of routine, even boredom.

    C. In conveying this ceaseless ebb and flow of life, Tolstoy captures its very essence.

    D. Concluding it at the moment of heroic drama would have destroyed the integrity of the novel.

    1. ABDC
    2. CABD
    3. ADBC
    4. ABCD


  • Correct Answer
    Choice C. ADBC

Detailed Solution

Sentence A is the best choice for starting the paragraph, as it introduces the novel, ‘War and Peace’. All other sentences refer to “it” or “this ceaseless ebb and flow of life”, requiring some explanation beforehand.

Now, sentence A tells us that “one of the beauties” of the novel is that it does not end when the war ends. Sentence B tells us when the novel ends instead. So B looks like a good choice to follow A.

Sentence C talks of “this ceaseless ebb and flow of life”. What does this refer to? We find the answer in sentence B, which talks of the novel concluding when the hero settles down to a boring routine after war. So C follows immediately after B.

Now where does sentence D fit in? Both sentences B and D talk about the novel’s conclusion. Sentence D declares that concluding the novel at the “moment of heroic drama” would have “destroyed its integrity”. And sentence B tells us how the novel ends. Clearly, D does not follow the sentence group BC, for it makes no sense to refer to the conclusion of the novel again, after it has been discussed in sentence B and followed up with C. Sentence D fits in the paragraph best when it is placed immediately after A and before BC. So we have sentence A talking of how the conclusion of 'War and Peace' is "one of its beauties", followed by sentence D, which argues that concluding it at "the moment of heroic drama" would have compromised the integrity of the novel, followed by sentence B, which tells us how the novel ends and sentence C which talks of how this conveys the ceaseless ebb and flow of life.

So the correct order of sentences is ADBC.

Correct Answer: ADBC

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