Sentence Rearrangement - The Lehman Crisis

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Sentence Rearrangement - The Lehman Crisis

    A. Had the world’s leading central banks not provided emergency liquidity back in 2008, the global economy would have faced meltdown.

    B. But what started as a short-term emergency painkiller then morphed into a prolonged monetary coma.

    C. After the Lehman crisis, low rates and quantitative easing were needed.

    D. Payment systems would have failed, sparking panic, economic torpor and civil unrest.

    1. ABDC
    2. CADB
    3. ACBD
    4. CBAD


  • Correct Answer
    Choice B. CADB

Detailed Solution

Both A and C are contenders for the first sentence of the paragraph.

We see that D explains the word ‘meltdown’ mentioned in A. So, D follows A.

B talks of a ‘short-term emergency painkiller’. What does this refer to? The emergency liquidity provided by the world’s leading central banks in 2008, that is mentioned in A. So, B too follows A.

Which of these is a better fit immediately after A? D is, as it explains what would have happened if the emergency liquidity wasn’t provided at that time. Also note that D uses the same tense as A, in explaining what ‘would have’ happened.

So, we have the order ADB.

Consider sentence C. Though both A and B make sense after C, we already know that ADB is a unit. So CADB is the right order.

Correct Answer: CADB

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