Sentence Rearrangement - Past Glory

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Sentence Rearrangement - Past Glory

    A. Not long after their victory, the Greeks began to think that they would never stack up to the glories of the past.

    B. Throughout antiquity, those warriors, especially the Marathonomachai, who fought and defeated the Persian troops in the 490 BCE Battle of Marathon, would be revered as Athens’ Greatest Generation.

    C. Even in the mid-fifth century BCE, Athenians were already looking back with longing.

    D. A few decades earlier, Athenian citizen-soldiers had helped to rout the Persian invaders of Greece.

    1. ACDB
    2. DBCA
    3. BDAC
    4. CDBA


  • Correct Answer
    Choice D. CDBA

Detailed Solution

Sentence A refers to a “victory”. What victory? Sentences B and D seem to provide an answer. Sentence B talks of the Greek warriors in the Battle of Marathon while sentence D is a more general statement about Athenian warriors routing Persian invaders. So, both sentences A and B are likely to follow D. Which of these sentences comes immediately after D? Sentence A states that not long after the victory, the Greeks already began to look back at it and think that they could never match this past glory. This does make sense when placed immediately after D. Now, consider sentence B. It talks of the Marathonomachai warriors who fought the war being regarded as Athens’ Greatest Generation. This too, looks like a good option to follow D. So, we need to look at some other clues to help us finalize the sentence order.

Sentences B and C make references to time. B talks of the 490 BCE war and C, of the mid- fifth century BCE (around 450 BCE). Note that in terms of timeline, B precedes C.

Now, C talks of Athenians “looking back with longing”. To what? D provides an answer: a few decades earlier, Athenian citizen-soldiers had helped to rout the Persian invaders of Greece. So, D follows C.

If A were to follow D, we cannot place B in the paragraph. However, the sentence order BA does make sense after CD. So, the correct order is CDBA.

Correct Answer: CDBA

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