Sentence Rearrangement - Indian Village Culture and Polity

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Sentence Rearrangement - Indian Village Culture and Polity

    A. Patrilineal ownership of lands and the culture of dowry attached to it have turned daughters into bad debts.

    B. The control of such castes on local politics aggravates masculine hubris.

    C. The bigotry of our village culture and polity is intrinsically linked to a control of land and agriculture.

    D. Land makes certain castes ‘kingly’ in rural communities.

    1. DBCA
    2. DABC
    3. CDBA
    4. ADBC


  • Correct Answer
    Choice C. CDBA

Detailed Solution

Sentence C talks of the intolerance that marks the village culture and polity. We see that this is the main idea of the paragraph.

Sentence D talks of some castes being considered “kingly” in rural communities. Sentence C talks of the control of “these castes” on local politics and how it aggravates masculine pride. So C comes after D. Both of these sentences substantiate the idea of bigotry that is made by sentence C.

Sentence A talks of the patrilineal system of passing ownership of lands and system of linking dowry to land ownership turning daughters to be regarded as “bad debts”. This sentence substantiates the point make by sentence C.

So we see the sentences make sense when placed in the order CDBA.

Correct Answer: CDBA

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