Sentence Rearrangement - Athletes and the Media

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Sentence Rearrangement - Athletes and the Media

    A. Athletes may not be role models, but they’re certainly digital lightning rods.

    B. Nearly twenty years ago athletes did as they pleased, only entering the public news scope if an off-the-court/field dustup was so monumental that the nightly news couldn’t afford not to cover it.

    C. Athletes might want the ability to make millions while still being able to crack off-kilter and slightly offensive jokes without seeing the number of zeroes in their paycheck affected, but that’s not how it works.

    D. Today, thanks to the advancement in social media with tools like Facebook and Twitter, athletes have signed up for a 24 hour a day news conference.

    1. BDCA
    2. ABDC
    3. DABC
    4. CDBA


  • Correct Answer
    Choice A. BDCA

Detailed Solution

The link between sentences B and D is easy to spot. Sentence B talks of the situation twenty years ago, when athletes could do as they pleased and the nightly news featured only “monumental” dustups. Sentence D talks of the situation today: athletes have signed up for “24 hour a day news conference” on the social media. Clearly, D follows B.

Sentence A states that while they may not be role models, athletes are certainly “digital lighting rods” i.e. they attract a lot of criticism, which may not quite be justified. This idea ties in with the one made by sentence D, that athletes are being monitored by the social media round the clock.

Sentence C says that while athletes may want the freedom to speak freely without damaging their paychecks, “that’s not how it works”. Again, we see that sentence C refers to the constant scrutiny the social media subjects athletes to.

In terms of sentence ordering, it makes sense to start the paragraph with B (how athletes could get away with doing what they wanted earlier, unless the news was “monumental”), then D (how they are closely monitored today) and then C, as C tells us that though they would prefer to express themselves freely without hurting their paychecks, that’s now how it works today. Sentence A sums up the present day situation: athletes may not be role models, but they’re certainly digital lightning rods.

So the correct sentence order is BDCA.

Correct Answer: BDCA

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