Sentence Rearrangement - Jellyfish and Climate Change

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Sentence Rearrangement - Jellyfish and Climate Change

    A. Not only can jellyfish withstand the impact of climate change, they also have the capacity to accelerate it.

    B. At the same time, jellyfish also consume vast amounts of plankton, which are a major means of taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and oceans. Their loss can hasten climate change.

    C. Jellyfish are better prepared than other marine life for the changing ocean environment, such as warmer temperatures, salinity changes, ocean acidification and pollution.

    D. They release carbon-rich feces and mucus that bacteria prefer to use for respiration, turning these bacteria into carbon dioxide factories.

    1. ABDC
    2. CADB
    3. ACDB
    4. CDBA


  • Correct Answer
    Choice B. CADB

Detailed Solution

Sentence A conveys two points- one, that jellyfish can withstand the impact of climate change and two, that they have the capacity to accelerate it.

Sentence B explains how jellyfish consume vast amounts of plankton and thereby hasten climate change. So sentence B supports the second point that sentence A makes. So B follows A. But sentence B starts off with the phrase “at the same time”. This indicates some other point or points have been made before B illustrating the fact that jellyfish can hasten climate change. So B follows A but not immediately after.

Sentence C states that jellyfish are “better prepared” than other marine life for “the changing ocean environment”. Among factors that are changing the marine environment, it mentions warmer temperatures, ocean acidification and salinity changes, which relate to climate change. This relates to the first point made by sentence A.

Sentence D talks of how jellyfish feces and mucus support the growth of bacteria and turn them into “carbon dioxide factories”. That is, jellyfish have the capacity to increase carbon dioxide production in the marine environment.

So we see that both sentence B and sentence D substantiate the point made by sentence A about jellyfish having the capacity to accelerate climate change. D comes before B, as B starts with “at the same time”. So we have the sentence order ADB.

The first part of sentence A reiterates the point made by sentence C, about how jellyfish are well prepared to withstand climate change. So sentence C precedes A.

So the order that makes the best sense is CADB.

Correct Answer: CADB

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