Sentence Rearrangement - Good Writing

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Sentence Rearrangement - Good Writing

    A. Good writers use more verbs.

    B. However, it is hard to write without verbs.

    C. The reason is that if unnecessary words are reduced, the verb-percentage goes up as a mathematical necessity.

    D. So “use verbs” is not really good advice; writers have to use verbs, and trying to add extra ones would not turn out well.

    1. ABCD
    2. ACBD
    3. ABDC
    4. DBCA


  • Correct Answer
    Choice B. ACBD

Detailed Solution

Sentence C talks of how verb usage goes up when unnecessary words are reduced. This ties in with sentence A which talks of how good writers use more verbs. It is also clear C follows A.

Sentence B says it is hard to write without verbs. Sentence D adds to this saying that "use verbs" is hence not good advice. Therefore D follows B.

By looking at the sentences we see that sentence A makes a good start to the paragraph.

So the correct order is ACBD.

Correct Answer: ACBD

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