Sentence Rearrangement - Hate Speech

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Sentence Rearrangement - Hate Speech

    A. Hate speech is characterized by a deliberate targeting of communities rather than beliefs.

    B. What the management must seek to do is to not let political discussions and debates to descend into vituperative attacks and hate speech.

    C. But such an association will be spurious, as questioning orthodoxy and conservatism is not tantamount to hate speech.

    D. The student body's activism has been criticized by detractors and it has been sought to be associated with hate speech.

    1. BACD
    2. ACDB
    3. DBCA
    4. DCAB


  • Correct Answer
    Choice D. DCAB

Detailed Solution

Sentence A tells us what characterizes hate speech. Sentence C tells us what is not tantamount to hate speech. There is an obvious link here. A follows C.

Sentence D tells us that the student body’s activism has been associated with hate speech by detractors. Again, we see a link with sentence C, which tells us that such an association is “spurious”. So C follows D.

Sentence B, which discusses what the management ought to do provides a conclusion to the paragraph.

So the correct sentence arrangement is DCAB.

Correct Answer: DCAB

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