Sentence Rearrangement - Sans Forgetica

Sentence Rearrangement - Sans Forgetica

    A. The reader's mind naturally seeks to complete the shapes, and in doing so, it slows down the reading process and improves memory.

    B. Based on this idea, a new font, Sans Forgetica, has been created by psychology and design researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne.

    C. Sans Forgetica is sleek and back-slanted with intermittent gaps in each letter, which serve as a simple puzzle for the reader.

    D. People remember things better when their brains have to overcome minor obstacles while processing information.

    1. DABC
    2. DBCA
    3. CDBA
    4. CDAB


  • Correct Answer
    Choice B. DBCA

Detailed Solution

Sentences B and C relate to Sans Forgetica. Of these, B is the one that introduces us to Sans Forgetica, describing it as a "new font". So, B precedes C.

Now, B states that Sans Forgetica has been "based on this idea". What could this idea be? D provides the answer: people remember things better when they have to overcome some minor obstacles while processing information. So, B follows D.

Consider A. It states that the reader's mind tries to complete "the shapes". It is not clear from the unit DB what these shapes are. However, C, which describes Sans Forgetica as a font with "intermittent gaps in each letter" clarifies what A refers to. Sans Forgetica has letters with intermittent gaps in them. While reading this font, the reader's mind seeks to complete the shapes. So, A follows C.

Putting these together, we see that DBCA is the right order.

Correct Answer: DBCA