Sentence Rearrangement - Martian Brines

Sentence Rearrangement - Martian Brines

    A. Studies reveal that Martian brines today could hold higher concentrations of oxygen than were present on Earth about 2.4 billion years ago, when the first landmass emerged on Earth.

    B. Although Mars is today a freeze-dried desert, it possesses abundant reserves of subsurface water ice, as well as some amount of liquid water in the form of brines.

    C. These pools of salty liquid can capture even meager amounts of oxygen from the Mars’ atmosphere, creating a reservoir that microbes might metabolically utilize.

    D. The brines’ high salt content lowers the temperature at which they freeze, allowing them to remain liquid even on the Red Planet's frigid surface.

    1. BDCA
    2. ABDC
    3. ADCB
    4. BCAD


  • Correct Answer
    Choice A. BDCA

Detailed Solution

The paragraph is about Martian brines. Of the sentences given, B is the one that explains what these are: Mars has abundant reserves of subsurface water ice and some amount of liquid water in the form of brines . So, B is the first sentence of the paragraph.

Now, while sentences C and D relate to the salt content of these brines, A and C relate to their oxygen content.

Consider sentence C. This starts off referring to "these pools of salty liquid". Sentence D explains why the Martian brines remain liquid on the planet's frigid surface. D explains the reason the brines are in liquid form; C carries forward this idea and goes on to explain how the brines absorb oxygen from Mars' atmosphere. So, C follows D.

Between A and C, we see that A adds to the idea in C about the oxygen content of the brines. So, A follows C.

BDCA is hence the correct order.

Correct Answer: BDCA