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Funky Pizzeria

Funky Pizzeria was required to supply Pizzas to three different parties. The total number of Pizzas it had to deliver was 800. 70% of which was to be delivered to Party 3 and the rest equally divided between Party 1 and Party 2.

Pizzas could be of Thin Crust (T) or Deep Dish (D) variety and come in either Normal Cheese (NC) or Extra Cheese (EC) versions. Hence, there are 4 types of Pizzas: T – NC, T – EC, D-NC, D-EC. Partial information about proportions of T and NC pizzas ordered by the three parties are given below.

  1. How many Thin Crust pizzas were to be delivered to Party 3?

    1. 398
    2. 162
    3. 196
    4. 364
  2. How many Normal Cheese pizzas were required to be delivered to Party 1?

    1. 104
    2. 84
    3. 16
    4. 196
  3. For Party 2, if 50% of the Normal Cheese pizzas were of Thin Crust variety, what was the difference between the numbers of TEC and D-EC pizzas to be delivered to Party 2?

    1. 18
    2. 12
    3. 30
    4. 24
  4. Suppose that a T-NC pizza cost as much as a D-NC pizza, but of the price of a D-EC pizza. A D-EC pizza costs Rs. 50 more than a T-EC pizza, and the latter costs Rs. 500. If 25% of the Normal Cheese pizzas delivered to Party 1 were of Deep Dish variety, what was the total bill for Party 1?

    1. Rs.59480
    2. Rs.59840
    3. Rs.42520
    4. Rs.45240

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