Sentence Rearrangement - Urbanization and Infectious Disease

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Sentence Rearrangement - Urbanization and Infectious Disease

    A. With vaccination, arguably our strongest and most cost-effective defense against infectious disease, urbanization is already presenting challenges.

    B. It used to be the case that the one-in-five children missing out on a full course of even the most basic vaccines lived in remote rural communities.

    C. Without strong health systems in place, the higher the population density the more difficult it becomes to prevent and control outbreaks, and not just because of the increased risk of contagion.

    D. Today, we’re increasingly discovering that many of these hardest-to-reach children are in marginalized urban communities – right in the heart of cities, often hiding in plain sight.

    1. ABDC
    2. BDCA
    3. CABD
    4. ACBD


  • Correct Answer
    Choice C. CABD

Detailed Solution

Both sentences B and D talk about children missing out on vaccination. It is clear D follows B, as sentence B talks of the past and D the present day situation with regard to children missing out on vaccination.

Sentence A too talks of vaccination and how urbanization is posing challenges in this matter. Sentence A is a generalized statement, and is likely to precede the sentences B and D.

Now let’s have a look at sentence C. This states that without strong health systems, it is difficult to prevent and control outbreaks in areas where population density is high. And this is not just because of the higher risk of infection spreading in such areas. This begs the question, what else causes/adds to the problem? Sentence A seems to offer an answer. Vaccination is our best defense against spread of infectious diseases, but even with this, urbanization causes problems. That is, without strong health systems, controlling outbreaks is more difficult not just because the risk of the disease spreading is higher, but because even our best defense against outbreaks- vaccination- is difficult. So, we know A follows C.

Sentences B and D illustrate the point made by sentence A.

So the right order of sentences is CABD.

Correct Answer: CABD

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