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Data Interpretation for CAT | DI: Bar Graphs

CAT DI LR section has become increasingly tough beginning from 2015. However, Understanding the basics of Bar graphs, Pie Charts, Multiple graphs, Line Graphs etc forms an integral part of solving tougher CAT level DI LR questions for the CAT Exam. Make use of 2IIMs Free CAT Questions, provided with detailed solutions and Video explanations to obtain a wonderful CAT score. If you would like to take these questions as a Quiz, head on here to take these questions in a test format, absolutely free.

Data Interpretation for CAT: Stacked Bar Graphs

Data Interpretation: Bar Graphs
  1. CAT LR DI Bar Graphs

    In 2001, the company that grew the quickest grew by 100%, what was the growth rate of the company that had the least growth rate?

    1. 50%
    2. 25%
    3. 20%
    4. 33%
    Choice D

  2. CAT LR DI Bar Graphs

    In 2002, the growth rate of the overall sector was 39%, what was the growth rate seen by SCT?

    1. 50%
    2. 75%
    3. 30%
    4. 40%
    Choice A

  3. CAT LR DI Bar Graphs

    Total revenue in 2006 was $21.2 bn, total revenue in 2005 was $18.1 bn. What was the growth rate seen in Centure?

    1. 11%
    2. 35%
    3. 20%
    4. 27%
    Choice C

  4. CAT LR DI Bar Graphs

    In 2004, the entire industry added $4bn, of which an increase of $1bn was contributed by COGN, what was the growth rate seen by the entire sector in 2004?

    1. 20%
    2. 34%
    3. 52%
    4. Cannot be determined
    Choice B

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