Sentence Rearrangement - INSAT-3DR Launch

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Sentence Rearrangement - INSAT-3DR Launch

    The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) crossed an important milestone with the successful launch of weather satellite INSAT-3DR using a Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) equipped with the indigenous cryogenic upper stage.

    A. The September 8 GSLV launch marks the third consecutive success; the fact that it is the first operational flight by the GSLV carrying the indigenous cryogenic upper stage is confirmation that India now belongs to the elite club of countries that have mastered the cryogenic technology.

    B. Likewise, igniting a cryogenic fuel and sustaining the combustion for a prolonged period is a daunting task.

    C. Maintaining structural and thermal integrity of the engine at very high temperatures during combustion just a few centimeters away from – 250° C, a temperature at which materials behave very differently, is a huge challenge.

    D. This marks a departure from the long history of failures with the GSLV; except for the first, every launch of the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV), the workhorse of ISRO, has been a success.

    The Thursday launch had fully utilized the maximum payload carrying capacity of the GSLV-Mk II by carrying the heaviest satellite (2,211 kg) ever from Indian soil.

    1. ABCD
    2. DACB
    3. CBAD
    4. ADCB


  • Correct Answer
    Choice B. DACB

Detailed Solution

The given starting sentence for the paragraph tells us that the ISRO has successfully launched a weather satellite using a GSLV carrying indigenous cryogenic technology.

Now, we see that sentences B and C are about the scientific challenges involved in accomplishing this task. Sentence B starts with “likewise…”, which naturally means that this sentence follows C. So we have the sequence CB.

Sentence A states that “the September 8 GSLV launch” is the “third consecutive success” and goes on to talk about the significance of the launch for India. It seems to be a good option to follow the starting sentence given.

However, we find that it is tricky to place sentence D. Sentence D declares that “this” is a departure from “the long history of failures with the GSLV” and goes on to state that, on the other hand, every launch of the PSLV, “the workhorse of the ISRO” has been a success. What does “this” refer to? The successful launch of the GSLV. Both the starting sentence that is given as well as sentence A talk about the successful launch of the GSLV. But it does not make sense to refer to the history of failures of the GSLV, and indeed the success of the PSLV, after sentence A, which emphasizes how important the September 8 GSLV success is for India.

On the other hand, if we place sentence D right after the starting sentence and then follow it up with sentence A, we see that the paragraph makes more sense. The first sentence talks of the successful launch, then sentence D talks of how this is a departure from the history of failures for the GSLV, which has had a less successful record than PSLV till now, followed by sentence A which talks of the significance of this successful GSLV launch. So we have the sequence DA to follow the starting line.

We have already seen that CB is a sequence. So the correct order is DACB.

Correct Answer: DACB

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