Sentence Rearrangement - Perpetuating Standards

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Sentence Rearrangement - Perpetuating Standards

    A. As "operating systems", Latin and French outlived the strategic pre-eminence of Rome and France.

    B. Nor will Chinese, Russian, or Indian culture soon shoulder aside the American version-high or low- whose draw is embodied by Harvard and Hollywood.

    C. Once a standard exists, it tends to perpetuate itself-just like the dollar, for all its ups and downs will not soon yield to the Euro or the Renminbi

    D. By such measures, no other rival, not even China, comes close to America, whatever the country's many familiar failings and riches of the rising rest

    1. ACBD
    2. BADC
    3. CBAD
    4. CABD


  • Correct Answer
    Choice C. CBAD

Detailed Solution

This paragraph is focuses how set standards and “operating systems” tend to perpetuate, adding to the influence of the country that sets it.

Sentence B starts with a “nor”, so we should ideally have an example preceding this. It is clear that only sentence C which talks of the dollar not being easily replaceable by other currencies fits the bill.

So we have the order CB_

Of the given answer options, only 1 and 3 have this pattern.

We can see D completes the paragraph.

Should the paragraph start with sentence A or C?

Sentence A is an example of how standards perpetuate. Sentence C starts off stating the premise of the paragraph, and continues the thought with an example. Hence C is a better sentence to start the paragraph than A.

So the correct order is (3) CBAD

Correct Answer: CBAD

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