Sentence Rearrangement - Sortition

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Sentence Rearrangement - Sortition

    A. A more vital, dynamic and inclusive form of democracy is generated as the risk of corruption reduces, election fever abates and attention to the common good increases.

    B. As those who have been drafted are exposed to expert opinion, objective information and public debate, voting is not simply based on gut feel, but careful deliberation.

    C. Renaissance states such as Venice and Florence experienced centuries of political stability by practicing democracy on the basis of sortition, or drafting by lot.

    D. With sortition, everyone does not vote on an issue few understand, but a random sample of the population is drafted to come to grips with the problem, in order to take a sensible decision.

    1. CDAB
    2. DBAC
    3. CDBA
    4. DCBA


  • Correct Answer
    Choice C. CDBA

Detailed Solution

Let’s start by looking at what the best sentence to start the paragraph is. There are only 2 options- sentence C and sentence D. Of these, sentence C defines what sortition is- it is democracy on the basis of drafting by lot. Sentence D on the other hand explains what this involves. So C is the starting sentence of the paragraph, and it is followed by D, possibly immediately.

Sentence D talks about a random sample of the population being drafted to understand the problem and take a sensible decision on what to do. Between A and B, which is the better choice to follow D? Sentence B is, as it shed further light on how sortition is practiced: those who are drafted are exposed to expert opinion, objective information and public debate so that they can take an informed decision. So B follows D.

Sentence A concludes the paragraph by stating the benefits of this form of democracy.

So the correct order is CDBA.

Correct Answer: CDBA

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