Sentence Rearrangement - Antiseptics and Antibiotics

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Sentence Rearrangement - Antiseptics and Antibiotics

    A. These chemicals break an essential part of a bacterial cell, but they usually break the same part of human cells too.

    B. This is the key to antibiotic function: exploiting the fact that bacteria are similar to human cells without being identical.

    C. This makes medical antiseptics terrible antibiotics, as their use in high concentrations may cause tissue damage or slow wound healing.

    D. Luckily, sometimes there are bacterial parts not found in humans, or if they are, they are very different.

    E. It’s relatively easy to find new antiseptics, which can kill microbes on the skin and the surface of tissues.

    1. EACDB
    2. DBEAC
    3. EBADC
    4. EABCD


  • Correct Answer
    Choice A. EACDB

Detailed Solution

D and E are the only possibilities to begin the paragraph.

Sentence D states that "luckily" there are bacterial parts not found or different from those in humans. Now, of the given sentences, only B seems to relate to the idea of bacterial cells not being identical to human cells. B seems to draw a conclusion based on information stated in D. So, DB is a link.

Now consider sentence E. It talks of how antiseptics work by killing microbes on the skin and tissue surfaces. We see that sentence C too refers to antiseptics. But the idea in C that antiseptics make terrible antibiotics is not obvious from E. Which of the given sentences explains why antiseptics make terrible antibiotics? Only A does: while "these chemicals" break an essential part of a bacterial cell, they also damage human cells in the process. EAC is a link.

Now, EACDB is a better order than DBEAC, as the flow of ideas in the former is more logical. Antiseptics are relatively easy to find, but the way they work means that they cannot be used in high concentrations. But luckily, some parts of bacterial cells are different from human cells and this is the fact that antibiotics exploit.

Correct Answer: EACDB

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