Sentence Rearrangement - The International Criminal Court

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Sentence Rearrangement - The International Criminal Court

    A. Even if the Court is not motivated by an anti-African agenda, it is no less concerning that it acts, without fail, in concert with its North Atlantic backers.

    B. It simply reproduces a Western narrative of Russian aggression that justifies NATO’s largest build-up of military forces in eastern Europe since the Cold War.

    C. That military intervention in Africa by former colonial powers has been followed, almost without exception, by the International Criminal Court’s juridical intervention, leaves Africans understandably suspicious.

    D. And the Court’s recent decision to launch an investigation into South Ossetia—its first extra-African investigation—is but of a piece with its earlier interventions, doing little to assuage that concern.

    1. CADB
    2. BCDA
    3. ADBC
    4. CDBA


  • Correct Answer
    Choice A. CADB

Detailed Solution

The ‘Court’ referred to in sentences A and D is, clearly, the International Criminal Court mentioned in sentence C. So, C precedes A and D, as it sets the context.

Sentence C talks of Africans becoming “suspicious” due to the International Criminal Court’s record of juridical interventions in Africa. What follows C? Both A and D seem to be good choices. Only sentence B seems completely unrelated to C.

Sentence A states that it is “no less concerning” that the Court acts in cooperation with its “North Atlantic backers”. Sentence D too makes a reference to “that concern”, saying that the Court’s first extra-African investigation does not do much to soothe it. Further, D states that the South Ossetia investigation is “of a piece with" (similar to) the Court’s earlier interventions in Africa. Why so? There is no explanation to this in sentence C. But the reference to the concern that the Court acts in concert with its North Atlantic backers, stated in sentence A, does provide the link. It is clear D follows A. Note that sentence C merely talks of a suspicion, it is sentence A that brings up the “concern” and D elaborates on that concern.

Sentence B sheds light on why investigation in South Ossetia, the first one outside of Africa, is “of a piece with” the Court’s earlier interventions. It reproduces the Western narrative of Russian aggression.

CADB makes a cogent paragraph.

Correct Answer: CADB

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