Sentence Rearrangement - Identity Politics

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Sentence Rearrangement - Identity Politics

    A. Nevertheless, the focus of otherwise very different movements - from cultural feminism to environmentalism to radical jihadism - is fundamentally the same: moral regulation.

    B. Identity politics constantly demands the creation of new identities and lifestyle groups, often hostile to one another.

    C. The main beneficiary of this shift from explicit political clashes to new forms of culture war has been identity politics.

    D. Many of the political battles of the past two decades have actually been battles over cultural values, be it marriage, family, sexuality, abortion, immigration, multiculturalism, Islam or the EU.

    1. BACD
    2. DACB
    3. DCBA
    4. BADC


  • Correct Answer
    Choice C. DCBA

Detailed Solution

We see straight away that there is a link between sentences C and B, both talking of "identity politics". It is also clear that C comes before B.

Let’s consider Sentence D. It talks of how battles over cultural values dominate politics. Sentence C talks of the main beneficiary of the “shift from explicit political clashes” to “culture war”. So it is clear that C follows D

Sentence A concludes the paragraph with “moral regulation” being the common goal of these otherwise different movements.

So the correct sentence order is DCBA

Correct Answer: DCBA

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