Sentence Rearrangement - The Perseid Meteor Shower

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Sentence Rearrangement - The Perseid Meteor Shower

    A. Despite the comet taking 133 years to pass by the Earth, the meteor shower happens every year as a result of the earth moving through the trail of the comet's orbit.

    B. Like any other comet, Swift-Tuttle follows a steep incline when compared to planets in the solar system, gathering a lot of speed as it dives down into the solar system to get close to the sun and out again.

    C. This link between the comet and the meteor shower was discovered within three years of the comet's discovery-- by Giovanni Schiaparelli in 1865.

    D. The spectacular Perseid meteor shower that is witnessed every August, peaking in mid-August, is, in fact, created by the dust and debris left by the Swift Tuttle.

    1. BDCA
    2. BDAC
    3. DBAC
    4. DBCA


  • Correct Answer
    Choice B. BDAC

Detailed Solution

The first sentence of the paragraph is likely to be either B or D, as A is too general and C starts off with “this link”.

Now, sentence D makes references to the “spectacular Perseid meteor shower” and to “the Swift Tuttle”. What is Swift-Tuttle? That is not obvious from sentence D. On the other hand, from sentence B, we can clearly understand that “Swift-Tuttle” refers to a comet. In a paragraph, B is likely to precede D.

The link between sentences C and D is clear. Both of these are about the comet being the cause of the meteor shower. It is clear C follows D.

This leaves us with sentence A. Now, we see that the sentence order CA is awkward. C makes a reference to Giovanni Schiaparelli and his discovery whereas A explains why we see the meteor shower every year despite the comet taking 133 years to pass by the Earth. The order DA is more natural. D makes a reference to the shower being witnessed “every August” and A explains why this is so. DAC is a logical flow of ideas.

As seen earlier, B precedes D. So, the correct order is BDAC.

Correct Answer: BDAC

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