Sentence Rearrangement - Comments Section in A News Website

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Sentence Rearrangement - Comments Section in A News Website

    A. Comments have the potential to turn a news website into a democratic polyphony.

    B. But, there is also a danger of it descending to cacophony if readers do not express opinions in a language that behooves the requirements of a matured public sphere.

    C. It can become a site for multiple concurrent debates, for registering dissent, for pursuing an idea and finally for building a polity of informed choices.

    D. The role of the moderators is to retain the space for polyphony and reject voices that breed cacophony.

    1. ABCD
    2. ABDC
    3. DBAC
    4. ACBD


  • Correct Answer
    Choice D. ACBD

Detailed Solution

Sentence A declares that comments can turn a website into a democratic “polyphony”. Sentence C elaborates on this.

Sentence B talks of the danger of “it” descending to cacophony if the language does not befit a “matured public sphere”. “It” here refers to the debates talked of in sentence C.

Sentence D provides a solution to the problem addressed in sentence B. Moderators must retain the space for debate, while rejecting voices that breed cacophony.

Correct Answer: ACBD

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