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Sentence Elimination- Multilateral Development Institutions

  1. In China, for example, World Bank money has not been so important quantitatively, yet the Chinese generally credit the bank for having helpful blueprints and information.
  2. While most of US$800 billion invested in infrastructure in developing countries each year comes from domestic sources, the provision of infrastructure financing by multilateral development institutions globally is important.
  3. By contrast, their greatest failures have come from funding grandiose projects that benefit the current elite, but do not properly balance environmental, social, and development priorities.
  4. Multilateral development institutions have had their most consistent success when they serve as “knowledge” banks, helping to share experience, best practices, and technical knowledge across regions.


  • Correct Answer
    Choice B

Detailed Solution

Sentence A cites the example of China, where the World Bank has been important not “quantitatively” but as a source of “blueprints and information”.

Sentence B tells us that multilateral development institutions play an important role in global infrastructure financing.

Sentence C talks of their greatest failures springing from “funding grandiose projects” that benefit those countries considered the current “elite”.

Sentence D tells us that multilateral development institutions have been most successful as knowledge banks, sharing expertise.

We can see that sentences A and D are of the same idea. The example of China substantiates the point made by sentence D that multilateral development institutions are most successful as knowledge banks.

So which is the third sentence that fits in with A and D- B or C?

Sentence D talks of the greatest successes of multilateral development banks and sentence C tells us of their greatest failures.

Sentence B on the other hand stresses the importance of infrastructure financing by multilateral development banks, which does not relate to the main idea of the other two sentences- that the role of these institutions is more significant with regard to knowledge transfer.

DCA make a paragraph. B is the sentence to be eliminated.

Correct Answer: Choice (b)

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