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Sentence Elimination- Prowling the Streets

  1. Automotive interests have consciously shaped a vision of the streets as places where cars belong.
  2. Indeed, the twenty-first century's apex predator is the automobile.
  3. A fatal collision is an everyday phenomenon— the kind of death, it seems, that is always expected.
  4. Cars prowl the streets, growling in revving ravenousness.


  • Correct Answer
    Choice A

Detailed Solution

Sentence A talks about automotive interests, which have carefully planted the idea in our minds that streets are where cars belong. We find a reference to cars and streets in sentence D, which says that “cars prowl the streets”. However, neither sentence B, which describes the automobile as the 21st century’s “apex predator” nor sentence C, which talks of fatal collisions becoming an everyday phenomenon, is related to this idea.

Now, let’s consider the interesting description of the automobile in Sentence B declares as “the twenty-first century's apex predator”. Why apex predator? An apex predator is one that sits on top of the food chain. This comparison of automobiles to apex predators draws our attention to automobiles as killers, the cause of fatal collisions on roads. Sentence C too talks of fatal collisions. So the link between sentence B and C is clear.

Now between sentences A and D, we see that D relates to the idea of cars as predators. It describes cars prowling streets, “growling in revving ravenousness”. Indeed, D adds to sentence B in the description of cars as apex predators. BDC forms a cogent paragraph. So the sentence to be eliminated is A.

Correct Answer: Choice (a)

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