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Sentence Elimination- Electoral Mandate

  1. Party politics is all too often merely the surf, spray and scum of the ocean that is society – it’s the prevailing undercurrents, the slow shifting of tectonic plates, that count in the long run.
  2. Emmanuel Macron’s victory in France’s legislative elections is the consummation of a political revolution which started with his triumph in the recent presidential election.
  3. While on the surface the dominance of Macron’s party – founded less than two years ago – is a huge transformation of the political landscape in France, the low turnout suggests that this is skin deep.
  4. In France, growing abstention is the powerful current that risks, eventually, pulling the country under.


  • Correct Answer
    Choice B

Detailed Solution

Both sentences B and C refer to Macron’s victory in the French elections. Let us look at how they relate to each other. Sentence B declares Macron’s victory to be the “consummation of a political revolution”. Sentence C, however, posits the idea that the so-called transformation of the political landscape might be only skin deep, as the turnout was low. These are two different ideas.

Now, let us look at sentences A and D. Sentence A is a general statement, that party politics merely skims the surface of the ocean that is the society, and that it is the undercurrents that are of significance in the long run. Sentence D, too, makes a reference to a “powerful current” — growing abstention— declaring that this risks “pulling the country under”. These are related ideas—while sentence A makes a generalized observation, sentence D cites a specific example, the case of France, where abstention, or low voter turnout, is a strong undercurrent that could have a powerful impact in the long run. So, D follows A.

Does sentence B or C relate to the idea in sentences A and D? On close observation, we can see that sentence C does, referring to the low-turnout and suggesting that what looks like a huge transformation of the political landscape on “the surface” might actually be only skin deep. Note that the reference to “the surface” ties in with the imagery in sentences A and D, to the surf, scum, spray and undercurrents. So, the sentence to be eliminated is B.

Correct Answer: Choice (b)

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