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Sentence Elimination- The Commonwealth

  1. Commonwealth enthusiasts believe that the Commonwealth has supposedly vast potential, which could be augmented further with a little additional funding, yet membership will always remain cheaper than the EU, and not only in terms of the UK’s direct financial contribution.
  2. But given the fact that there are huge variations in the levels of trade conducted by individual member states, it is difficult to see what we can actually learn from an average figure for “Commonwealth advantage” between two notional Commonwealth states.
  3. In this light, the Commonwealth is the international relations equivalent of a homeopathic remedy – a cadre of staff so small as to be almost invisible when dissolved across a body comprising 2.4 billion people, which nevertheless does or could achieve miraculous results.
  4. Somehow, this Commonwealth of the future will cost less than the EU in terms of the vast number of hours required to negotiate its treaties and other formal agreements; it will not require members to make significant concessions in return for some collective good; and it will have only the most rudimentary of mechanisms to enforce its will.


  • Correct Answer
    Choice B

Detailed Solution

Sentence A talks of the "supposedly vast potential" of the Commonwealth, and it always remaining "cheaper than EU", and that too, not just in terms of UK's direct financial contribution.

We see that sentence D carries forward this idea--the belief that the cost of the Commonwealth, in terms of the hours to be put in to negotiate treaties, the concessions to be given and the mechanisms to be put in place to make it work, will be less than the cost of EU.

D explains phrase "not only in terms of UK's direct financial contribution" in A. So, D follows A.

Sentence C sums up the ideas in A and D, of the Commonwealth being thought of as a miraculous remedy that would somehow achieve extraordinary results though terribly understaffed.

ADC makes a cogent paragraph.

Sentence B talks of trade between the member states of the Commonwealth, and "an average figure for Commonwealth advantage". These are new ideas, and the other sentences do not refer to these.

Correct Answer: Choice (B)

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