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Sentence Elimination- The Unconscious Mind

  1. You will know that it has because you will start experiencing aha moments with respect to that problem.
  2. Once you admit that your unconscious mind is the source of whatever brilliance you possess, you can take steps to extract the maximum possible benefit from your association with it.
  3. What you must instead do is interest your unconscious mind in working on a problem by working on it with your conscious mind
  4. What you will quickly discover is that it can’t be ordered about.


  • Correct Answer
    Choice A

Detailed Solution

The topic here is the unconscious mind. We can see straight away that sentence B is a promising first sentence. Let’s try to see if it can link this with 2 others. So we start off admitting that the unconscious mind makes us brilliant, and look for steps to benefit from it.

Option A has starts off with “you will know it has…”. It cannot be placed before or after B.

Option C refers to a step taken to interest the unconscious mind- working on it with the conscious mind. But it has an “instead” in it. So something precedes C.

Between A and D, D makes better sense before C, the flow being “The unconscious mind cannot be ordered about….instead…”

So we have the sentence order BDC forming a paragraph. So the choice to be eliminated is A

Correct Answer: Choice (a)

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