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Sentence Elimination- Decolonisation and Nation-Building

  1. In the breakneck pace of decolonisation, nations were thrown together in months; often their alarmed populations fell immediately into violent conflict to control the new state apparatus, and the power and wealth that came with it.
  2. If there are so few formerly colonised countries that are now peaceful, affluent and democratic, it is not, as the west often pretends, because “bad leaders” somehow ruined otherwise perfectly functional nations.
  3. On the premise that the colonial epoch had not permitted the growth of indigenous economic institutions, the new states were encouraged, largely by the West, to entrust economic modernization to parastatal corporations administered by inexperienced bureaucrats.
  4. Many infant states were held together only by strongmen who entrusted the system to their own tribes or clans, maintained power by stoking sectarian rivalries and turned ethnic or religious differences into super-charged axes of political terror.


  • Correct Answer
    Choice C

Detailed Solution

Option A describes the chaotic cobbling together of nation states in the "breakneck" pace of decolonisation and violent conflict that followed.

Option B posits that it is not the fault of "bad leaders" that few of the formerly colonised countries are now peaceful, affluent and democratic. This relates to the idea in option A, that the rapid pace of decolonisation contributed to violent conflict in the newly formed nations.

Option C talks about economic institutions in the new states. This is at odds with A and B, which relate to the political chaos resulting from decolonisation.

Option D explained how 'strongmen' held infant states together by stoking sectarian rivalries. This too relates to the ideas in A and B, of the after-effects of decolonisation on the political apparatus of the newly formed nations.

BAD makes a cogent paragraph.

Option C is the one to be eliminated.

Correct Answer: Choice (C)

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