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Sentence Elimination- Legalizing Gambling In Sports

  1. Consumers prefer reliability when it’s available, and giving the state’s imprimatur to legalized gambling goes a long way toward ensuring that.
  2. Legalizing gambling would only ramp up the incentive to find new ways to fix games.
  3. In Britain, betting shops were legalized in 1961, and giant gambling companies, like William Hill and Ladbrokes, watch out for suspiciously prescient bets.
  4. Taking gambling into the light makes the marketplace more hostile to cheaters.


  • Correct Answer
    Choice B

Detailed Solution

Sentence A declares that by legalizing gambling, consumers are assured of reliability, something they prefer when it is available.

Sentence D also favors legalized gambling, stating that it makes the market more hostile to cheaters. Sentence C supports this idea with the example of Britain.

The only sentence that argues against legalized gambling is sentence B, which states that it could lead to new ways of fixing games.

So the sentence to be eliminated is B.

Correct Answer: Choice (b)

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