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Sentence Elimination- Cultural Nationalism

  1. If the regions, peoples and nations currently demanding more freedom seem to be driven by “cultural nationalism”, that in turn is driven by technological change plus global competition.
  2. Information-rich societies reward the development of human capital; so, the ability to study in your first language, participate in a rich national culture and create unique local selling points for incoming foreign investment is more important than ever.
  3. The mixture of austerity, corruption and political sclerosis at the center has limited the reality of regional democracy and pushed autonomous regions such as Catalonia to fight for self-determination.
  4. Above the problems of economic failure and racial polarization, the positive factor driving progressive nationalisms, from Scotland to Catalonia, is technological change.


  • Correct Answer
    Choice C

Detailed Solution

Sentence A attributes “cultural nationalism” to technological change and global competition. Sentence B takes this idea forward, explaining how "information-rich societies" reward cultural uniqueness and the development of human capital. We see that sentence D, too, talks of technological chance as an important factor driving nationalism.

DAB makes a cogent paragraph.

Sentence C, on the other hand, reasons that the mixture of austerity, corruption and political sclerosis at the center is responsible for the rise in the fight for self-determination. This is a different idea, and does not fit in the given paragraph.

Correct Answer: Choice (C)

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