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Sentence Elimination- Influencing Readers

  1. Rowling’s declarations on Twitter on what she “always thought” of a particular character are not only newsworthy, but a cause for pride.
  2. Rowling seems eager to retain an influence on how we understand her books by revealing ostensibly new information about her characters.
  3. Rowling’s chances for being a diverse author lie in the future, not the past.
  4. Whether these character points were announced to readers via Twitter or alluded to within the Potter books, however, the meanings that we as a diverse international community of readers wish to take from them trump Rowling’s intentions as an author.


  • Correct Answer
    Choice A

Detailed Solution

Sentence B notes that Rowling wishes to influence how readers understand her books by revealing new information about her characters.

Sentence A talks of Rowling’s declarations on characters as being newsworthy and a “cause for pride”.

Sentence D too talks of Rowling alluding to the characters in her books. However, it states that the meanings the international community of readers draws from the books trump or prevail over Rowling’s intentions as an author.

This ties in with sentence C which declares that Rowling’s chances of being a “diverse” author lie in the future not in the past.

BDC makes a paragraph. Option A is hence the one to be eliminated.

Correct Answer: Choice (a)

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