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Sentence Elimination- Secularism

  1. What we call “fundamentalism” has always existed in a symbiotic relationship with a secularization that is experienced as cruel, violent and invasive.
  2. Historically, wherever secular governments were established to separate religion and politics, a counter-cultural movement developed in response, determined to bring religion back into public life.
  3. In the developing world, secularization usually came with colonial rule; it was hence seen as a foreign import and rejected as profoundly unnatural.
  4. All too often an aggressive secularism has pushed religion into a violent riposte.


  • Correct Answer
    Choice C

Detailed Solution

The key ideas of the sentences are summarized as follows:

A - Fundamentalism and secularization always coexist. The secularization is seen as “violent, cruel and invasive” by the other side.

B- Historically, wherever an attempt was made to separate religion and politics, a counter-cultural movement sprung up.

C- Secularization came with colonial rule and was hence rejected in the developing world.

D- “Aggressive” secularism instigates a violent reply from religion.

It is clear from the above that while A, B and D only talk of secularism and fundamentalism, option C stands out as the one with a different idea- linking secularism with colonial rule.

Option C is hence the one to be eliminated. The paragraph makes sense when put in the order ABD.

Correct Answer: Choice (c)

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