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Sentence Elimination- Teaching Science

  1. Cognitive science, however, tells us that students need to develop these different ways of thinking by means of extended, focused mental effort.
  2. No matter what happens in the relatively brief period students spend in the classroom, there is not enough time to develop the long-term memory structures required for subject mastery.
  3. A traditional science instructor concentrates on teaching factual knowledge, with the implicit assumption that expert-like ways of thinking about the subject are already present.
  4. To ensure that the necessary extended effort is made, teachers need to engage students in thinking deeply about the subject at an appropriate level, monitor that thinking and guide it to be more expert-like.


  • Correct Answer
    Choice B

Detailed Solution

To find out which sentence needs to be eliminated, we have to frame a paragraph with the other three and see if it is cogent. We can look out for key words or thoughts that link all sentences together with one main idea.

Sentence A talks of developing “these different ways of thinking” by “extended, focused mental effort”.

Sentence B talks of the “relatively brief period” students spend in a classroom, and “long term memory structures” required for subject mastery.

Sentence C talks of how a traditional science instructor teaches assuming “expert-like ways of thinking” are already present.

We can see right away that C and A go together, with the “way of thinking” being the key idea repeated in both sentences.

Sentence D talks of how the “necessary extended effort” can be made by students with some help from teachers.

Sentence A also talked of the “extended mental effort” students need to put in to develop expert-like thinking.

So D ties in with A. The paragraph makes sense when arranged in the sequence CAD

Looking at B, we can reconfirm that it is indeed the sentence to be eliminated as it talks of “memory structure”. This idea is not explained by any of the other sentences.

Correct Answer: Choice (b)

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