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Sentence Elimination- Sea Ice

  1. Sea ice acts as a blanket on top of the ocean, protecting the water from incoming solar energy and atmospheric heat.
  2. This effect accelerates overall warming, which in turn melts more land ice and drives up sea levels.
  3. Although the sea ice is shrinking, it does not add to water levels as it melts because it is already part of the ocean’s mass.
  4. As that frozen coating disappears, its white surface is no longer there to reflect sunlight back into the atmosphere—so the ocean absorbs much more solar energy.


  • Correct Answer
    Choice C

Detailed Solution

Sentence A explains how sea ice serves as a “blanket” on top of the ocean, protecting the water from solar heat. We see that sentence D too refers to this idea, talking of how the melting of this “frozen coating” leads to warming of the oceans. Sentence B concludes the paragraph, saying that this leads to the melting of land ice and driving up of sea levels. So, ADB forms a cogent paragraph.

Option C, which talks of the melting sea ice not adding to the ocean’s mass is the one to be eliminated, as it discusses a completely unrelated idea.

Correct Answer: Choice (c)

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