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Sentence Elimination- Creativity and Mood Disorder

  1. The stereotype that creativity is enhanced by a mood disorder is dangerous, both for those with mood disorders and those pursuing creativity: it could keep them from seeking treatment if they believe treatment would diminish their creative ability.
  2. However, there are differences that might vary systematically between the groups: for instance, people who have achieved real creative success typically face the stress of being in the public eye, while the average person does not.
  3. Most people chosen to be included in the creative groups are successful writers or artists, while those in the less-creative group are typically average people living nearby to wherever the study is taking place.
  4. Just that component could account for any number of differences in the instance of mood disorder, given that stress is a major cause for the onset of mood disorders.


  • Correct Answer
    Choice A

Detailed Solution

Option A explains why the stereotype that mood disorder enhances creativity is dangerous: it could stop people from seeking medical attention.

Option B talks of 'differences that may vary systematically' between 'the groups'. What groups? People who achieve creative success and 'the average' person. According to B, these groups differ in that those who achieve creative success face the stress of being in the public eye, while the average person does not.

There is no obvious link between B and A.

Now, option C talks of groups too-- those in 'creative groups', which include successful writers and artists, and those in the 'less-creative' group, which includes the 'average' people living in the area where the study takes place.

It's clear that B and C have a common thread, and that C will precede B in a paragraph.

Option D states that 'just that component' could account for differences in cases of mood disorder. What is this 'component'? D states that stress is a major cause for the onset of mood disorders.

Now, option B also refers to stress, about this being one of the differences between those who achieve creative success and the 'average' person.

CBD forms a cogent paragraph. The main idea of this paragraph is that creative people are subject to the stress of being in the public eye and stress, by itself, is a cause for mood disorder.

Option A is the one to be eliminated. None of the other sentences relate to the danger of thinking that creativity is enhanced mood disorder.

Correct Answer: Choice (A)

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