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Sentence Elimination- The Constitution

  1. Though the “mother of all laws”, the Constitution is external to society and has a largely exhortatory relationship to it.
  2. This is not a defect — the Constitution is required to reflect the republic in the best possible light, and is at its most majestic when doing so.
  3. However, this also means that the Constitution is unable to directly confront obstinate realities like caste that flout its fundamental tenets, because acknowledging caste amounts to confessing that the republic is more desire than reality.
  4. Right from the Preamble, where it presumes that “we, the people” are indeed a unified and homogenous collectivity, the Constitution treats hoped-for outcomes as though they were established facts.


  • Correct Answer
    Choice A

Detailed Solution

Sentence A declares that the Constitution is “external to society” and has only an advisory relationship with it. None of the other sentences carries forward or links to this idea.

On the other hand, we see right away that sentences C and D relate to the same idea—that the Constitution presumes “the people” to be a unified and homogenous collectivity and is hence unable to acknowledge “obstinate realities” like caste, as this is tantamount to confessing that the republic is not a reality.

Sentence B talks about something not being a “defect”, as the Constitution is required to put the people in the best light. What is being referred to here? The fact mentioned in sentence D – that the Constitution treats what it hopes to achieve as if it was already an established fact – is the only one that fits with this statement.

To summarize, the Constitution presumes “the people” to be one unified unit, thereby treating what it hopes to achieve as an established fact. Nevertheless, this cannot be called a defect, as the Constitution is, after all, supposed to put the country in the best possible light. Yet, this also makes it difficult for the Constitution to directly confront divisive realities such as caste. DBC makes a cogent paragraph. The sentence to be eliminated is A.

Correct Answer: Choice (a)

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