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The question is from CAT Sentence Elimination. CAT exam will have 2~3 questions from Sentence Elimination. Solve CAT Questions from Sentence Elimination to get more practice and 2IIMs CAT questions bank provides you with CAT questions from Odd Sentence out that can help you gear for CAT Exam.

Question 43: A. Researchers found that the stone tools of H. erectus were made from stones lying around at the botton of a hill, for instance, rather than from the better-quality stones found uphill.

B. In contrast, H. sapiens and Neanderthals, who came later, put in the effort to find good stone for the tools they made and even transported these stones over long distances.

C. Excavations from the Arabian Peninsula indicate that the species Homo erectus failed to put in enough effort to create good quality stone tools which were crucial to their survival.

D. This lackadaisical attitude, coupled with the inability to adapt to a changing environment, was what, according to these researchers, contributed to the population's demise.

  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D

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Explanatory Answer

Method of solving this CAT Question from Sentence Elimination:

Option C states that H erectus did not put in enough effort in finding good quality stones to make their tools. Option A adds to this point with an example. CA is a strong link.

Now, option B states that H sapiens and Neanderthals tried harder to make good quality stone tools, while D states that their "lackadaisical" attitude, combined with their inability to adapt to a changing environment, led to the "population's" demise.

Which of these relates best to the idea in CA? Both C and A talk of H erectus and their laziness, so to say. C mentions that the tools were crucial to the survival of the species. Clearly, D draws a conclusion based on the facts in C and A. CAD makes a cogent paragraph.

How other species made their stone tools does not fit in here: B would probably be the starting point of the next paragraph.

The question is " Choose the Sentence that does not fit in "

Hence, the answer is Sentence B

Choice B is the correct answer.


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