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Sentence Elimination- Distorted Self-Image

  1. Many of those who are racked with self-doubt often seek confirmation of their distorted self-perception.
  2. This seems logical as those with a negative self-image would be just the ones who would want to overcompensate.
  3. The reason for their behaviour is the desire for coherence: if others respond in a way that confirms their self-image, then the world is as it should be.
  4. In some cases, individuals actually provoke others to respond negatively to them, in order hear their own bleak view of themselves.


  • Correct Answer
    Choice B

Detailed Solution

Option A states that those who lack confidence in themselves "often seek confirmation" of this.

We see that option D relates to the same idea: some even go to the extent of provoking others to confirm their negative self-image.

Option C states the reason for this behaviour--the desire for "coherence".

ADC makes a cogent paragraph.

Option B is the odd one out, as it talks of those who have a negative self-image wanting to "overcompensate". This does not relate to any of the other sentences.

Correct Answer: Choice (B)

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