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Sentence Elimination- Humour in Social Interactions

  1. In laughing along, the target of the joke shows that he’s a good sport, thereby completing the ritual.
  2. Ridicule can actually reinforce a group when the target is confident of their in-group status.
  3. By laughing together at each other and at themselves, the rest of the group show their membership.
  4. Laughing at someone is among the strongest markers of social exclusion in human connection.


  • Correct Answer
    Choice D

Detailed Solution

Option A talks of a "ritual" that the target of a joke completes when he laughs along. What ritual? Option B seems to offer a clue: ridicule can reinforce a group when the target of the joke is confident of his status within the group.

Option C, which refers to the rest of the group "showing their membership" by laughing at each other and at themselves, seems to relate to the idea of a group ritual as well.

BCA makes a cogent paragraph.

Option D states that laughing at someone is among "the strongest markers of social exclusion". This is a completely different idea. Whereas the unit BCA talks of how laughter can strengthen a group, D talks of how laughter excludes one from a group. So, D is the odd one out.

Correct Answer: Choice (D)

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