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Sentence Elimination- Harappan Civilization

  1. In the entire body of Harappan and other Indus art and sculpture there are no monuments erected to glorify warfare and no depictions of war or conquered enemies.
  2. It is speculated that the rulers might have been wealthy merchants, or powerful landlords or spiritual leaders, who showed their power and status through the use of seals and fine jewelry.
  3. Decorated with animal motifs, many of the seals, the most commonly found objects in Harappan cities, are inscribed with short pieces of the Indus script.
  4. It appears that the Harappan and other Indus rulers governed their cities through the control of trade and religion, not by military might.


  • Correct Answer
    Choice C

Detailed Solution

This sentence elimination question is tricky.

Sentence B tells us that it is thought that the Harappan rulers were wealthy merchants or landlords or religious leaders who used seals and jewelry to show their power. Sentence C describes the seals referred to in sentence B. So B and C go together.

Sentence A talks of Harappan and other Indus art and sculpture not having any depictions of warfare. Sentence D also contains a reference to war. It states that the Harappan rulers governed their cities not using military muscle but through control of trade and religion. So, A and D go together.

Which idea is common to both sets of sentences? If the paragraph is about Harappan seals, either A or D should fit in as the third sentence, joining B and C to make a paragraph. Sentence A is clearly not the choice, as it is about the Indus art and culture not depicting warfare. Sentence D is about how Harappan cities were governed. Neither fits in.

Sentence D talks of Harappan rulers possibly governing their cities through control of trade and religion. Sentence B too refers to Harappan rulers, speculating that they might have been wealthy tradesmen or religious leaders. We have already seen the link between A and D.

Sentences DAB make sense when placed in order, the key idea being Harappan rulers. It appears that the Harappan rulers governed through control of trade, not military might. Sentence A substantiates this, stating that there are no monuments or artifacts depicting warfare. So it is speculated that the Harappan rulers were wealthy merchants, who demonstrated their power not by military muscle but demonstration of wealth- fine jewelry and status symbols- seals.

So the sentence to be eliminated is C.

Correct Answer: Choice (c)

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