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Sentence Elimination- Reading and Social Interaction

  1. The imaginary worlds of fiction serve as means to escape the ties and the ennui of the real world and indulge vicariously in an alternate reality.
  2. Reading fiction trains people in this domain, just as reading nonfiction books about, say, genetics or history builds expertise in those subject areas.
  3. The defining characteristic of fiction is not that it is made-up but that it is about human, or humanlike beings and their intentions and interactions.
  4. The solitary act of holing up with a book is actually an exercise in human interaction.


  • Correct Answer
    Choice A

Detailed Solution

Sentence A labels fiction as a ‘means of escape’ from social ties and reality. Sentence D, the other hand, says that the act of reading is actually an ‘exercise in human interaction’. As these are two opposing points of view, it is clear that either A or D is the sentence to be eliminated.

Sentence B is difficult to place without context, as it talks of reading training people in ‘this domain’. What expertise reading fiction builds is not clear just by reading this sentence.

Now, sentence C declares that the ‘defining characteristic of fiction’ is not that it is something fabricated, but that it is about human intentions and interactions. Clearly, this is in line with the idea expressed in sentence D. We can now see that DCB makes a cogent paragraph. So, sentence A is the one to be eliminated.

Correct Answer: Choice (a)

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