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Sentence Elimination- IT and Climate Change

  1. Moreover, as temperatures rise, information technologies will work less efficiently, starting off a vicious cycle.
  2. As much of the physical infrastructure that undergirds the internet is right next to the coast, rising seas can seriously imperil the internet.
  3. The world’s data centers already have roughly the same carbon footprint as the global aviation industry.
  4. The internet, the primary vector of information about climate change, is increasingly a vector of the problem itself.


  • Correct Answer
    Choice B

Detailed Solution

D states that the internet is a vector of climate change, that is, it contributes to the problem. C adds to this, stating that the world's data centers have the same carbon footprint as the aviation industry. DC is a unit.

Both A and B are about how climate change affects the internet. This is the exact opposite of what C and D are about (how the internet brings about climate change).

So where do AB and CD overlap?

B talks only of how rising seas imperil the internet. A, on the other hand, talks of a 'vicious cycle' that information technologies set off. What could this be? A states that with a rise in temperature, information technologies work less efficiently. C and D state that the internet contributes to global warming. So, with a rise in temperature, information technologies consume more energy, which in turn causes a further rise in temperature.

DCA is a unit. B is the odd one out.

Correct Answer: Choice (B)

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