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Sentence Elimination- Poetry

  1. There is a special intimacy to poetry because, in this idea of the art, the medium is not an expert's body, as when one goes to the ballet: in poetry, the medium is the audience's body.
  2. In such movement the image fully becomes an intellectual and emotional complex because it dramatically exists both in the space of description and in the time of musical structure.
  3. The luminous details in poetry must not only be precise, they must also be rendered so as to elicit and reward a dynamic sense of movement.
  4. Poetry is a centaur. The thinking word-arranging, clarifying faculty must move and leap with the energizing, sentient, musical faculties.


  • Correct Answer
    Choice A

Detailed Solution

Sentence C talks of the details in poetry- that they should not only be precise, but also elicit and reward a “sense of movement”.

We have two other sentences that relate to the sense of movement. Sentence B talks of the “image” of poetry existing both in space and time in “such movement”. Sentence A also relates to movement. It talks of the “special intimacy” poetry has because the medium of poetry is the audience’s body.

We see that sentence B develops the idea presented in sentence C . B follows C.

Sentence D describes poetry as a “centaur”, where the thinking faculty must “move and leap” with the sentient and musical faculties. Again, we see the key idea that poetry involves a sense of movement in sentence D. In fact, sentence C builds on the same idea as sentence D. C follows D.

Sentence A is the one to be eliminated because it talks of a new idea- the medium of poetry not being the expert’s body but the audience’s.

Correct Answer: Choice (a)

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