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Sentence Elimination- Multitasking

  1. We don't actually do two, or three or 10 things at once, we just switch from one to another to another..
  2. Multitasking makes us demonstrably efficient, increasing cognitive performance.
  3. Each time we shift attention, there is a metabolic cost we pay in glucose.
  4. Some brain activities are more expensive than others, and switching attention is among the most expensive.


  • Correct Answer
    Choice B

Detailed Solution

Sentence A declares that we don’t do many activities at once, but just switch from one to the other. Sentence C talks of the cost of switching attention. C follows A.

Sentence B talks of multi-tasking, saying that it makes us demonstrably efficient, and increases our cognitive performance.

Sentence C, however states that every time we switch attention, we “pay” a metabolic cost in glucose, suggesting that switching attention is a drain on our physical resources.

Sentence D asserts that switching attention is an “expensive” brain activity. This ties in with sentence C. D possibly follows C.

We also see that B contradicts D. D suggests switching attention is an “expensive” brain activity, while B states that multitasking increases cognitive performance.

ACD make a paragraph. B is the sentence to be eliminated.

Correct Answer: Choice (b)

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