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Sentence Elimination- Reality TV

  1. Besides generating buzz, a season-based reality show does as well as a top-five show in terms of viewership.
  2. The key, then, is for channels to find bankable reality formats and milk them till the cows come home.
  3. Then again, they have realized that the easier way to gain ad revenue to cover costs is by luring advertisers to a fail-proof, steady-TRP format like reality TV.
  4. The nearly 15% year-on-year rise in production cost levels for reality shows has networks rattled.


  • Correct Answer
    Choice A

Detailed Solution

Sentence A talks of how well a reality show does in terms of viewership. Sentence B seems to carry forward that thought, stating that the “key” is for channels to find bankable reality formats.

Sentence C is unrelated to the idea that A and B share. Firstly it starts with a “then, again” and talks of “they” realizing that an easy way to gain ad revenue is to lure advertisers to reality TV.

Sentence D tells us that the year-on-year increase in production costs for reality shows has rattled networks. We see right away that D and C are related and that C follows D.

Sentence B that talks of bankable reality formats provides the third sentence to complete the paragraph, in the order DCB.

So the sentence to be eliminated is A.

Correct Answer: Choice (a)

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